Elevating Leaders and Their Teams from Good to Great

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As an Executive Coach and Team Coach, I work with strong, driven leaders who are already good at what they do but want to be great. I help leaders focus on self-mastery and build effective teams.

As a senior executive, you work in complex and fast-paced environments where you have to make crucial decisions. I can help you as a coach with these challenges:

  • Creating impact with your new role in the organization
  • Preparing for the next-level leadership role
  • Scaling the business in the bigger playing field
  • Navigating change and disruption with your team
  • Building trust. connection and cohesion with your team
  • Creating value for internal and external stakeholders 

Let’s create an action plan uniquely tailored for your team & organization.

I help good leaders become great ones because great leaders build great teams

As a leader, you may be pressured to always make the right decisions in this complex & fast-changing world…

 …and this is on top of your busy schedule and your countless responsibilities.

You may ask, “how do I navigate all of these challenges?”

We start with self-mastery, which lets you be in control of your environment

When you attain self-mastery, you will no longer be blindly reactive to unpredictable events…

 … nor will you ever let your blind spots or triggers get the best of you.

 Instead, you would be a self-mastered leader standing quietly at the eye of the storm, responding wisely to new threats and opportunities.

As a self-mastered leader, you can:

  • Streamline your decision-making process even in complex situations
  • Build the right systems and habits within your organization for lasting improvement
  • Future-proof your team from the storms of change by making them more adaptive and resilient
  • Make a positive impact on the team/organization, the business goals, as well as on yourself

And a self-mastered leader creates a highly productive team

I work with strong, driven leaders who are already good at what they do, but want their team to be great.

Because great teams make a great impact and are the most valuable resource of an organization.

Now is the best time to focus on self-mastery and building your greatest asset—your team.

I partner with leaders to build a workplace where people can thrive

My focus on self-mastery is not for its own sake. With change happening faster than ever before, my clients recognize that engaging with their team is vital. I coach leaders to build a workplace where people are an asset. They are not seen as a commodity but are valued for who they are and what they can contribute.

When people believe what they can do, they maximize their strengths and show up to inspire others. They’re more able to be adaptive and resilient as well as reach business goals

Let’s figure out how we can take you and your team from good to great

Cultivating Authentic Leadership

Because people are the greatest resource of an organization, I know we need sincere and authentic leaders to create better work environments and a robust company culture, solid values, and purpose which will anchor the leader and team through difficult situations.

 I also know how complex people can be and how often, we don’t know ourselves, our triggers, or how the environment is affecting us. That’s why I’m known to ask the tough questions (balanced with humility, empathy, and respect) that will really bring us to the heart of the matter.

 As a person who can solve people-puzzles, I help you see clearly what the patterns are, and how to make all the pieces fit to make sense out of what’s happening. And when you’re able to see clearly, you’ll know how to navigate difficult situations

Companies I’ve Worked With

Companies I’ve Worked With


I offer highly-customized programs that sustain results for the long-term.