“Coaching is like solving a puzzle and finding the right combination to unlock the answers.”Coach Anda

Asia’s Pinnacle Awards recognized me as Asia’s Most Transformative Coach of the Year.

I’ve been coaching for the past 12 years, and when I first started, I intended to help others by coaching many leaders.

Over the years, I’ve found that many executives place emphasis on transition and transformation.

Many professionals advance from one position to another, such as COO to CEO. They are certain to enter the company but must prepare to do so.

Another shift these executives face is the need to accelerate growth in their business or organization, which is happening rapidly.

So they must address how to prepare themselves and their team immediately. I’ve seen that some people take a long time to prepare thoroughly because so many factors are involved, such as anxieties, hesitancy, not knowing the job, unfamiliarity, and previous habits. There are so many things that go with it. They must also learn how to manage and respond to this new environment as a leader.

Many of the leaders I coached were successful. They’ve gone from being unsure to knowing what to do and having a strategy. I’ve seen how that hurts business when you’re unsure, or it takes a long time to adjust.

As someone who has undergone several transitions, I realize how important it is to adapt quickly at times. I use various mental and behavioral techniques, as well as delving deeply into other people’s characters. I enjoy learning about how other people work.

My interest in how people work has helped me comprehend what they need, the impact they wish to make, and how I might transform them. When I say transform, I don’t mean changing who they are at their core. It is about maximizing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses or blind spots. To know how to manage it, I can get them to transform, level up, and transition in five months. I’ve witnessed one of the impacts on them, as well as the changes in their team.

So it’s good to come from a confused state. Everything is unclear at first, and then you design a strategy that clarifies everything. You now have a plan and know what to do.

On Being an Executive Coach and a Transformational coach

As a coach, I have previously earned several awards, but this Transformational Coach award stood out for its unique title. And it relates to the work I do with people. In this approach, I transform both people and businesses.

Every executive coach is an expert in something or stands for something. For me, I’ve chosen that transitional leadership approach. I chose transitional leadership space as an area that I wanted to focus on because I realized that’s where I can help and that all my success stories come from that area. 

I’ve already developed a model that leaders can use. I use that in my coaching as well. This model helps leaders transition right away. What differentiates me from other transition coaches is uncovering the real problem of where they are stuck. I can easily read people and see patterns in different situations.

I use a process of learning, unlearning, and relearning when my clients are in a new and complex environment.  I help them master their triggers and response with a clear understanding of the environment around them.

I have helped clients get to their goals faster, solve problems, and achieve their desired impact.

This award helps me appreciate my journey and the effort I’ve made to help others even more. It encourages me to pause, savor, and be thankful for the people I’ve helped.

Lessons I want to Share with People Who Want to be Future Coaches

It’s all about the beginning for future coaches.

🔷 Define your “why”. Why am I doing this?

🔷 Determine who your clients are. Who do I want to help? Because you can’t help everyone, you must be very particular about the clients who bring you joy and the clients you want to help. Then, if you’re clearer, you zone in, focus on that and get better and better at it.

🔷 Find ways to upgrade and improve yourself. It will help you master your expertise when you have many ways to help clients.

What I Wish for My Clients After the Coaching Sessions

There are two things I wish my clients to have after our coaching sessions: clarity and alignment. They come to me not knowing how to do it. I am looking forward to helping more clients know how to make more courageous decisions that will create a greater impact for them, their team, and their organization.

“I would like to thank my clients for inspiring me. I have become a better person and a coach because of you.” – Coach Anda