1 Mindset Shift That Can Make You a Better Coach

“Coaching is about helping people discover their own answers, not providing them with answers.” John C. Maxwell

A big aha moment for a lot of leaders is when they learn what coaching is about. A lot of times, they think they’re coaching, but they’re not. Most of the time, they’re telling people what to do. They’re giving directions; they’re giving answers. It is more about mentoring, not coaching. The coaching part is learning how to coach; this is a mindset shift that leaders need to make. 

“Coaching is not about telling people what to do, but about helping them to discover what they already know.” Tony Robbins

Why is that a mindset shift?

Because it’s a lot about being more quiet, reflective, and fully listening and asking questions. It’s creating that space for your team members to express themselves. It’s helping them find answers on their own. And by doing so, they can create accountability and ownership for their actions. 

To be able to do that, you have to make that mindset shift. Leaders need to care about the people that they are leading. And when you genuinely care about someone, you respect their opinions and processes and allow them to explore and grow independently.

It is more lasting because you empower the person you’re leading and give them ownership of their journey. So when I’ve helped leaders become a leader as a coach, the most challenging part is to stop yourself from directing or telling people what to do because, a lot of times, the role of a leader is focused on goal setting and driving results.

“The hardest part of being a coach is learning to stop talking and start listening,” – Marshall Goldsmith

It’s sometimes difficult to pull back. But it’s that pulling back that allows people to be more reflective. You’ll be surprised by the answers you’ll hear from the people you are coaching. It is because sometimes you think you have the answers, then the people you coach will come up with different solutions, and you learn from them. And this is also your way of profiling them and understanding how they operate. 

Why is that relevant?

It is essential because then you know how to motivate and encourage them. You can also find out how their mind works and what you can do to support their success to make them more successful. By taking this approach, you can build trust with your team. You’re able to profile your team better, and you’re also able to create more positive behaviors that last a long time and make a significant impact on the business.

To help your team succeed, shift your approach to being a leader as a coach.

“Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” –  Simon Sinek